App: Squarespace Note

I've started using an app called Squarespace Note and it does exactly what I want it to do. I was looking for something that I could just type or dictate a quick note and send it to my email, so I can review later. That is all the app does...simplicity at it's best.

After setting your target email address...simply, type or dictate something you want to remember and swipe upward. Your note/reminder will be sent  to your email address. The app then resets and is ready for your next note. It does not save previous notes...clean slate every time. A photo can also be sent with the if you are looking through a magazine and see something, you can send a snap of it at the same time.

I am really getting a lot of use out of this app and it has become important enough to be moved to my main app screen for easy access. 



  1. Introducing Squarespace Note
  2. Squarespace Note on the App Store
  3. Squarespace Note is an Elegant, Simple Note Taking App...



The FujiFilm X100s...Teacher of Patience and Creativity

I've had my X100s almost a year now and I still have so much to learn about it. It has just about as many menus and settings as my Nikon DSLR, so needless to say I have not mastered it yet. It is a mirror less camera with a fixed lens. The first thing to get used to is the fact that my feet are the zoom...something that takes a lot of patience for me. 

The X100s is great for street photography. I ran across a great class on Kelby One taught by photographer Zack Arias about using the X100s for street photography. He also has a good Review and Follow-up Review on his blog. Zack is an excellent resource for both the Fuji X100s and Street Photography.

I've started carrying my X100s with me almost everywhere I go in the hopes that I will master more of it's great features and get more creative with my compositions at the same time. Below are some photos that I've composed using the Fujifilm X100s over the past year.

Macphun's Intensify Pro

Intensify Pro is an image editing program for the Mac from MacPhun Software. It is a powerful tool in which I've barely scratched the surface. Once you do initial processing in Photoshop or Lightroom you pull the image into Intensify Pro which has a plethora of filters, overlays and fine tuning capabilities. You can also stack layers to further enhance the image.

I've used a low-angle outtake from a doggie photo shoot that I did recently as an example below. I stacked two filters...Calm Day and Dramatic 2. 

There are so many adjustment features in Intensify Pro, that it is very difficult to convey in a single blog post, so I will have other posts on it as well as MacPhun's other awesome tool, Tonality Pro

Below are links to reviews and tutorials for Intensify Pro.


Topaz ReStyle

Topaz Labs has released a new plugin called Topaz ReStyle. This new plugin enables the graphic artist to apply different effects to photos. I tested four of my photos below. The first photo on each row is the original.

I think Topaz's new plugin, has some potential. There are tons of filters to choose from which provide numerous possibilities.

Topaz ReStyle is on sale for 50% off through Aug 31/2013. 


Link Summary


DigitalRev TV for Camera & Other Gear Reviews

I ran across the DigitalRev guys while I was researching a new camera a couple of months ago. They are so entertaining to me, that I find myself going back and watching some of the reviews just because they make me laugh. I highly recommend checking them out.  If you have the same sense of humor I do, you will not be disappointed.

DigitalRev TV on Youtube

Below is the review that got me hooked on DigitalRev. Oh, and I did buy the D7000 too. :-)


My Go-To iPhone Photography Apps

I did a guest post some time ago about some different iPhone apps I use for photography. This is kind of an update to that post, so to see more apps, please check out that post as well.

Anyone who knows me, knows I like to take photos...of everything...using anything. My iPhone 4S is with me at all times and it has a pretty decent camera. Believe it or not I have three go-to apps that I use to edit photos on my iPhone.


This app has over 100 effects, textures and frames. You can layer as many effects as you like using the "Add another" function.


A very strong app for editing. You can add filters, frames and do across the board tuning. However, the best part is the selective tuning (ie: dodging and burning) and detail tuning (ie: sharpening and structure).


This app offers lots of scenes, filter effects and borders. It also has nice rotate and cropping capabilities.

Other apps that I use from time to time for fun effects --


Takes pictures that look as if you had focused on a glass marble with a macro lens.

Mobile Monet

Converts a photo to a beautiful artistic rendering employing a creative interactive process.

There are many many iPhone photography apps out there, so I'm sure there will be another update to this list in the future.

Nikon D600 - Review Research

I’ve been researching for a main camera replacement for my Nikon D90. “Go full frame” is what I hear from a lot of photographers, but I don’t want to spend the $$$ to get there. A few days ago the Nikon D600 was announced. The description I’ve heard over and over again is that it is a mixture of the D800 and D7000. Oh yeah…and the lower price point makes it more appealing for a full frame camera.


Below are the reviews I have read/watched.

Nikon D600 Hands-On Review – via DigitalRev

Nikon D600 Review: Full Frame for the Masses? – via Ming Thien

Nikon D600 Review: Images This Spectacular Have Never Been So Cheap – via Gizmodo

Nikon D600 Review – via TechRadar

Nikon D600 Preview – via Steve’s DigiCams

The Nikon D600 Official Announcement – via Pixiq

Grand Tetons and the D600 – via the DP Review Forum

The D600 in the Studio – via the DP Review Forum

Getting Close With the D600 – via the DP Review Forum

Photo Collage Templates for Photoshop

My friend Katherine introduced me to some awesome storyboard templates from a company called GingerPixel. They are basically a set of PSD files that you open in Photoshop, add/arrange photos and save. The full instructions on downloading and using the templates can be found HERE. It can be a little time-consuming, but it is the easiest tool I have used to create collages.

There are eight different arrangements to chose from. 

Collage templates from Ginger Pixel []

Below is a “Red” themed storyboard that I created using the Nine Square Grid template. The templates all have a white background. I played with the background color after flattening the file to a JPG image.