App: Squarespace Note

I've started using an app called Squarespace Note and it does exactly what I want it to do. I was looking for something that I could just type or dictate a quick note and send it to my email, so I can review later. That is all the app does...simplicity at it's best.

After setting your target email address...simply, type or dictate something you want to remember and swipe upward. Your note/reminder will be sent  to your email address. The app then resets and is ready for your next note. It does not save previous notes...clean slate every time. A photo can also be sent with the if you are looking through a magazine and see something, you can send a snap of it at the same time.

I am really getting a lot of use out of this app and it has become important enough to be moved to my main app screen for easy access. 



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