The FujiFilm X100s...Teacher of Patience and Creativity

I've had my X100s almost a year now and I still have so much to learn about it. It has just about as many menus and settings as my Nikon DSLR, so needless to say I have not mastered it yet. It is a mirror less camera with a fixed lens. The first thing to get used to is the fact that my feet are the zoom...something that takes a lot of patience for me. 

The X100s is great for street photography. I ran across a great class on Kelby One taught by photographer Zack Arias about using the X100s for street photography. He also has a good Review and Follow-up Review on his blog. Zack is an excellent resource for both the Fuji X100s and Street Photography.

I've started carrying my X100s with me almost everywhere I go in the hopes that I will master more of it's great features and get more creative with my compositions at the same time. Below are some photos that I've composed using the Fujifilm X100s over the past year.