Walk to End Lupus NOW - 2014

Today, a group of us did the Walk to End Lupus NOW. My friend Nelva and several other people I know suffer from Lupus, a chronic inflammatory disease that occurs when your body's immune system attacks your own tissues and organs. I cure NEEDS to be found for this terrible disease.


Our team...Just A Bunch of Lupies

Our team...Just A Bunch of Lupies

Full gallery of Walk to End Lupus NOW images on Google+

All photos were taken with my iPhone 5s.

After the walk we had brunch at a really neat little place called The Breakfast Klub



Gritty Goddess - April 2014

My friends and I have been doing the Gritty Goddess Obstacle Mud Run in Galveston for almost two years now. We are part of an outdoor bootcamp program called Camp Gladiator. I love the CG program because it's trainers and other contenders provide so much encouragement and team work. It is definitely a program for all fitness levels. Simply put, we are family...

Between obstacles at the Gritty Goddess Obstacle Mud Run

Between obstacles at the Gritty Goddess Obstacle Mud Run

The Gritty Goddess event takes place at Moody Gardens twice a year - around April/May and again around September/October. It is the best time I have ever had doing a fitness event...which is why I keep going back over and over.

I did the April 2014 Gritty Goddess last weekend. Below are some of the photos that I took as well as the full gallery of images.

Full gallery of Gritty Goddess April 2014 images on Google+

All images (except for the one at the bottom of this post) were taken with my Nikon Coolpix AW100. It's good to have a waterproof camera for an event like this. 



Bexlife 21-Day Plank Challenge

I recently participated in a fun and kind of difficult 21 Day Plank Challenge started by Bexlife. The challenge was to do the first plank to determine a starting point then try to increase that time by five seconds each day and post some kind of photo to Instagram/Twitter/Facebook showing your time.

Below are my daily posts and times. It was a fun challenge. My starting time was 47 seconds and my finishing time was 2 minutes 48 seconds. Ouch!