Sepia Tones in Photos

I ran across a good article from Light Stalking recently titled Why Sepia Photography Still Kicks Ass. It made me realize …there are so many ways to add a sepia tone to photos. Of course, some methods are better than others and everyone has their own opinion on what makes a better photo.

My favorite method that I have found so far is Sepia Toning action included with Photoshop. It does a pretty nice job.


Other photos converted using the Sepia Toning action

Below are other methods of converting to Sepia that I found in my research –

  • Method 1 – Hue/Saturation adjustment layer
  • Method 2 – Channel mixer/color filter
  • Method 3 – Adjustments and variations
  • Method 4 – Photo filter adjustment layer
  • Method 5 – Gradient map adjustment layer