Nikon D600–Review Research

I’ve been researching for a main camera replacement for my Nikon D90. “Go full frame” is what I hear from a lot of photographers, but I don’t want to spend the $$$ to get there. A few days ago the Nikon D600 was announced. The description I’ve heard over and over again is that it is a mixture of the D800 and D7000. Oh yeah…and the lower price point makes it more appealing for a full frame camera.


Below are the reviews I have read/watched.

Nikon D600 Hands-On Review – via DigitalRev

Nikon D600 Review: Full Frame for the Masses? – via Ming Thien

Nikon D600 Review: Images This Spectacular Have Never Been So Cheap – via Gizmodo

Nikon D600 Review – via TechRadar

Nikon D600 Preview – via Steve’s DigiCams

The Nikon D600 Official Announcement – via Pixiq

Grand Tetons and the D600 – via the DP Review Forum

The D600 in the Studio – via the DP Review Forum

Getting Close With the D600 – via the DP Review Forum

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