LCPG Monthly Meeting – 01.05.12

The January 2012 League City Photography Group’s monthly meeting took place on 01/05/12. Below are my notes.


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Topic – ISO

David Paulissen  gave a great talk and review of the article What is ISO? from the Photography Basics website.

Summary ::

ISO is actually a common short name for the International Organisation for Standardization.

100, 200 or 400, 800, 1600, ect -- refers to the film’s sensitivity to light

Low sensitivity means that the film has to be exposed to light for a longer period of time than a film with a high sensitivity in order to properly expose the image. With a lower sensitivity you also get a better quality image too which is why you should always try and use the lowest sensitivity you can get away with.

A high ISO setting is needed for indoor work, where flash isn’t allowed and the light levels are fairly low. Or you can use it deliberately to get the grainy gritty feel to the image.

Link to Original Article: What Is ISO?


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