365 Project 2011 - Week 48 in Review

This is a summary of the photos I posted for my 2011 365 Project from 11/27 through 12/3.


Sunday, 11/27 - Friends | I took this at my cousin's house. I liked the arrangement. :-)



Monday, 11/28 - Clear Day At The Park | It was also a chilly day at the park...for this Houstonian ;-)

Tuesday, 11/29 - Green & Orange | Thought these remnants from a tree looked interesting. I liked the colors, but I also like that they were laying on top of the grass, so when I focused on them it gave off kind of a 3d effect.

Wednesday, 11/30 - Fall Colors | Fall colors generally take longer to surface in Houston. I took this while on a photo outing at the Clear Creek Nature Center with some friends.



Thursday, 12/1 - The Art Alliance of Clear Lake has an open juried exhibition twice a year (Summer/Winter). I decided to try entering the Winter Exhibition by submitting three images. I found out on November 13th that one had been accepted. Tonight was the opening reception for the Winter Exhibition and not only was I excited that my work was on display (and will be until the end of Dec), but it sold before the night was over. Woohoo! I've never been so excited about a red pushpin! :-)

Friday, 12/2 - Shelby | We spent half a day at a local Ford dealership purchasing a new car. No it was not a Shelby Mustang, but they made for excellent photo subjects. :-)

Saturday, 12/3 - Wheel Closeup | We purchased a 2012 Ford Focus, so I  thought I would take photos before it depreciates. ;-)


Happy Shooting!

"A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into." -Ansel Adams

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