Book Review: Within the Frame

within the frame

Within The Frame – The Journey of Photographic Vision 
by David duChemin

David duChemin is an inspiring humanitarian photographer that has been around the world. He is one of those people in which just about everything he says inspires me to be a better photographer.  I love how he has the belief that you should work on the way you see things rather than buy a lot of expensive gear. 

His book, Within the Frame, is all about vision and how to merge it with the craft. How to see things differently and transfer that vision to your photography. Below are some of the high points that I gleaned.

  • The first two chapters are about your vision and how you are responsible for each element within the frame. duChemin explains how you should know how the elements interact as well as what elements should be excluded.
  • Chapter three is mostly about the meeting of vision and technique (or craft).

“Gear is good, vision is better”

To me, this quote means that no matter how much or what gear I have (or want), I should never neglect the way I see things. I should continually hone my vision.

  • The next several chapters go into photographing people, places and culture. He is very good at explaining the different aspects of each.
  • The Forward is by Joe McNally
  • The Afterward is by Vincent Versace

David duChemin defines this book as follows:

“It is a book about chasing your vision and telling your stories as clearly and passionately as possible with compelling photography.”

I recommend this book to any photographer, whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced. Simply because duChemin’s writing style and photography are so inspiring.


"The more you understand what inspires you, the more readily you can put yourself in it’s path." - David duChemin

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