League City Photography Meet Up – 11.03.11

The November 2011 League City Photography Meet up took place on 11/3/11. Below are my notes.


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The Art Alliance Center At Clear Lake (TAACCL) – Winter 2011 Juried Exhibition – Submission deadline is November 12th.

Art Crawl Houston – Nov 19 Sat 10:00AM

Topic – Pro Tips for Outdoor Photography

Mike Fisher gave a great talk and review of the article 25 Pro Tips for Outdoor Photography from Outdoor Photographer magazine.

Summary of Tips

    • Set Up For A Complex Shot Ahead Of Time
    • Try Predictive Autofocus For Birds In Flight
    • Include People In The Landscape
    • "F8 And Be There!"
    • Dial Down Exposure By A Half-Stop
    • Look for Details At Your Feet
    • Stack NDs For Detail In The Clouds
    • Less Is More
    • Use Exposure Compensation To Be Efficient In The Field
    • Check Moon Phases
    • Experiment With Long Low-Light Exposures And Your DSLR
    • Increase Your Portable Flash Output
    • Use Flash When Shooting At Sunset
    • Take Your Time
    • Lose The “I’ll Fix It In Photoshop” Attitude
    • Simple Flash Reflector
    • Pay Attention To Your Surroundings
    • Use Mid-Range Telezooms To Isolate A Subject In A Landscape
    • Your Feet Make The Best Zoom
    • Carry Neutral-Density Filters
    • Quality And The Tripod
    • Use A Polarizer And Graduated ND Filter For Landscapes
    • Lines Leading In
    • Keep The Camera Level
    • Use Low Angles For Close-Ups

Mike Fisher’s Slide Deck

Link to Original Article: 25 Pro Tips for Outdoor Photography

After Mike’s talk, David followed with some tips on gear for outdoor photography.

    • Recommends at least a 200mm lens + 1.4 teleconvertor for outdoor shots
    • Better Beamer
    • Wimberly Gimbal Mount
    • TheCinecity.com
    • Use Back Button focus – I found a good article on Back-Button focus | FAQ – Back Button Focusing – Melissa Jill Photography
    • Shutter speed should be 1/500 for faster for 300mm+


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