365 Project 2011 - Week 43 in Review

This is a summary of the photos I posted for my 2011 365 Project from 10/23 through 10/29.


Sunday, 10/23 - I think this is called purple fountain grass. I thought the sunlight shining through it was pretty. I find it interesting that you can find beauty in the middle of a Best Buy parking lot.



Monday, 10/24 - The mosquitoes are so bad that it is difficult to get outside to do much. They seem almost immune to the repellent and it is too hot to wear clothes covering every inch of skin, so I ran down the street as fast as I could and gathered a couple of the abundant wildflowers and brought them into my studio and experimented with lighting a bit. I was only bitten 8 times in the making of this photo. ;-)

Tuesday, 10/25 - I always think she is plotting to kill me while I'm sleeping when she looks at me this way.

Wednesday, 10/26 - This guy let me get pretty close, but I eventually invaded his space. Taken at Champion Springs Park.



Thursday, 10/27 - Took this today in front of the grocery store. I loved the color. Processed with the Snapseed app.

Friday, 10/28 - While I was out and about today, I noticed some new-ish flowers around Stevenson Park in Friendswood, so I pulled over to get a few shots.

Saturday, 10/29 - My husband and I thought we would give cutting our own mats a go. It is easier than I thought. I used a viewfinder effect from OnOne's Perfect Photo Suite for post processing.


Happy Shooting!

"A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into." -Ansel Adams

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