Book Review: Night Photography


Night Photography: Finding your way in the dark
by Lance Keimig

Below are some points gleaned --

  • The book starts with a detailed, rich history of Night Photography. From the long process of recording an image on a pewter plate to the latest digital techniques.
  • The book also goes into the equipment needed to accomplish photography at night.

"As a general rule, fixed focal length, or prime, manual focus lenses yield the best results and are easiest to work with in low-light situations."

  • A tripod and remote cable release are also pretty much required. The author even goes into detail on how you should dress when going out for night photography.
  • Next, the basics of Night Photography are explained...and explained well. Keimig gives great overviews of light sources, color temperatures and how they affect your photography.
  • There are also chapters on Film Based vs Digital Night Photography. Great information on the camera's sensor and histogram is given as well.
  • This book goes into the workflow aspect very well and then ends with a nice tutorial-ish chapter on photographing moonlight and star trails.

Lance Keimig is very knowledgeable on the subject of Night Photography. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to venture into this area of Photography.


“All life is of a past nature, photography enhances this fact.” – Patrick Summerfield

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