365 Project 2011 - Week 41 in Review

This is a summary of the photos I posted for my 2011 365 Project from 10/9 through 10/15.


Sunday, 10/9 - I went by my brother's auto shop yesterday. I always like photographing the property around it. My dad was cleaning the property and decided to stack all the blocks he found in one spot. At least that's what he told me when I asked why there was a stack of cinder blocks in the middle of the property.



Monday, 10/10 - This is my brother's dog Ditto. She says Hello.

Tuesday, 10/11 - Took this on my daily walk. The field was just covered in them. Used the Snapseed app for post work.

Wednesday, 10/12 - This is an edit of a photo I took some time ago. Playing around with Silver Efex Pro, I applied a Sepia filter and gave it a vignette.



Thursday, 10/13 - Took this right down the street from my house. I love taking photos of barbed wire...I do not know why.

Friday, 10/14 -  Took this at our local Pumpkin Patch (Saint Andrews Episcopal Church). Halloween is getting close!

Saturday, 10/15 - I went driving around this morning and ended up at the Farmers Market at Imperial in Sugarland, TX. I roamed through the market and all around the abandoned factory. I noticed there was a part of the old building you could walk up to. There was a window that had a break in it just above my head. I was able to focus on what was inside and use HDR to bring out the detail. This is my personal favorite shot of the day. :-)


Happy Shooting!

"A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into." -Ansel Adams

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