365 Project 2011 - Week 39 in Review

This is a summary of the photos I posted for my 2011 365 Project from 9/25 through 10/1.


Sunday, 9/25 - We decided to take a drive to High Island early this morning. It was beautiful and very windy (guess that's expected). I was able to do a long (6-7 seconds) exposure to get this. I've been wanting to find a way to get that wispy look to water without having to buy a $$$ ND filter. With that said, I know I will eventually invest in an ND filter. ;-)



Monday, 9/26 - When we went to High Island we decided to take Jake with us. It has been a while since the old guy got out and enjoyed exploring a different place. He pretty much just laid in the sand ;-)

Tuesday, 9/27 - This is an edit of a photo I took in Fredricksburg, Texas some time back. I wanted to see what I could do with Color Efex Pro.

Wednesday, 9/28 - Busy day and no time to go out or setup a photo, so I find the cat. Princess Ariel is not amused that her human has that thing in front of her face again. :-)



Thursday, 9/29 - I was walking along the beach at High Island and ran across this shell with an interesting looking pattern. It is not truly as blue as the processing made it, but it did have a blue color to it.

Friday, 9/30 - There is a Memorial Fence in Angleton. I went there back in 2007 and was amazed at how many more crosses there were when I visited today. Very sad.

Saturday, 10/1 - I was just walking around my house trying to find things to photograph and saw this group of little bitty yellow flowers. Felt it was a good exercise for the 100mm macro lens.


Happy Shooting!

"A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into." -Ansel Adams

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