365 Project 2011 – Week 35 in Review

This is a summary of the photos I posted for my 2011 365 Project from 8/28 through 9/3.


Sunday, 8/28 - My boy Jake wanting a chip, LOL! Told him he would have to pose for me first ;-)



Monday, 8/29 - A coworker saved this little girl from being run over this morning. She spent the day in my boss' cubicle, so I went to visit her every chance I had. The best news is that she went to a good home at the end of the day. :)

Tuesday, 8/30 - I'm a little under the weather today. These caught my eye while I was in the grocery store picking up some meds for myself. :)

Wednesday, 8/31 - I've been sick today, so I did not feel like getting out and taking any photos. The only decision I have made today is whether to take the green pill or the orange pill.



Thursday, 9/1 - Taken at Bear Creek Park. I have always loved signs like this - especially the little duck tripping. :)

Friday, 9/2 - I ordered a SIMA led light an it came in today. Thought I'd try it out on my guitar. I put it behind it and slanted it up. Looking forward to experimenting with it more. Pretty good price at $28. Used Photomatix, Silver Efex Pro and HDR Efex Pro to obtain the effect.

Saturday, 9/3 - Trying out my new light on a live model, LOL!


Happy Shooting!

"A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into." -Ansel Adams

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