Nikon School

I attended a Nikon D90/D300/D700 seminar sponsored by the Houston Camera Exchange.

Paul Van Allen with Nikon was the speaker. He is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to Nikon cameras and accessories.

Some of the topics covered

  • Metering - Matrix/Spot
  • Exposure Mode Dial
  • How to reset camera to factory specs (very useful) - find two green dots and hold buttons down for 3 seconds.
  • Input dial
  • FX versus DX lenses -
    • DX image lens circle is smaller than FX
    • DX lens does not magnify
  • Lens types
    • Portrait Lens (85mm)
    • Macro Lens
  • Menus
    • Setup Menu
      • Format Memory Card
      • Battery Life
      • Clean Camera Sensor
      • HDMI Capable
    • Custom Menu
      • AF Area Mode
      • Pinpoint Focus
      • Dynamic Focus - Best on moving objects
      • Timer
      • Function Button
    • Shooting Menu
  • Image Size - JPEG Fine / Large is recommended if you don't use NEF Raw files (NEF = Nikon Electronic File)
  • Software
  • Color Groupings - Standard, Vivid, Pastel, Monochrome